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Open Software Platform for Health Data Ingestion and Management Empowering Researchers, Clinicians and Patients.

Our Core Ideals

Guided by open innovation and driven by community, JupyterHealth's Vision, Mission, and Values delineate our aspirations, define our actions, and describe our culture.


Unlocking the Full Potential of Personalized Health Data

We aim to empower healthcare systems by enabling advanced, cloud-based analytics and insights across all research and clinical practices. Our open-source platform not only supports seamless integration and real-time data processing but also fosters the development of personalized treatment pathways, significantly enhancing research capabilities and patient care outcomes.


Advancing Patient Care through Collaborative Innovation

At JupyterHealth, we are committed to transforming healthcare research and patient care with our open innovative cloud-based solutions. Our collaborative platform, supported by a dedicated development team, is continually refined with input from our diverse community of researchers, clinicians, and technologists to meet evolving healthcare challenges.


Collaborative Foundations

Our core values of innovation, collaboration, and openness drive us to build a healthier future together. With expertise from Project Jupyter, 2i2c, The Commons Project, BIDS, CPH and leading healthcare organizations, we create scalable, accessible data management solutions that empower researchers and clinicians. Our commitment to open-source development and community engagement ensures that we meet today's healthcare challenges and innovate for tomorrow's opportunities.

Our Core Capabilities

JupyterHealth leverages its expertise across four pivotal domains, ensuring a comprehensive and integrated approach to healthcare data management and analysis. Each domain is designed to empower researchers, clinicians, and data scientists with the tools they need to excel in their fields.


Secure and Seamless

Ensure compliance and interoperability across healthcare systems with our robust data management practices and adherence to HL7 FHIR and IEEE/Open mHealth standards.

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Powerful and Scalable

Leverage cutting-edge container technologies for flexible, cloud-based deployments that scale with your needs, enhancing computational efficiency.

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Customizable and Versatile

Access a suite of tools from JupyterHub, tailored to meet diverse healthcare and research requirements with user-friendly, adaptable interfaces.

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Collaborative and Supportive

Join a thriving community fostering innovation through shared expertise, and ongoing dialogue among healthcare professionals & technologists.

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